A magnificent development which remains respectful to its nature. Sequoia Hills enriches the perspective of elegant modern living and beautifully blends it with the nature immersion. Privileged natural landscape and exclusive facilities.

Cluster Integrated Park

Encompassing a vast 100.000 sqm area, our integrated park is a home for hundreds of trees and flowers living in harmony which rejuvenates residents’ sensory experience by the allure of natural beauty and delicacy.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Installment of Electric Vehicle Charging Station is a significant clean air commitment which provides a lower cost of driving for the community of Sequoia Hills.

Bicycle Loop Trails

The joy of cycling is elevated by loop trails curated specifically for both road and mountain bike users.

Urban Farm

Dedicated to those who take special interest in urban agriculture, residents can indulge in a series of gardening activities and nurture the passion of cultivation.

Air Quality

Sequoia Hills is carefully situated in the environment of favorable air quality, allowing everyone to conduct their daily activities in a satisfactory performance.

Water Quality

A healthy life relies on clean water, it is as important as the air that one breathes. Pristine water is an everyday pleasure for our residents.

Exclusive Location Far From Industrial Area

Aimed for paramount peace and calmness, sanctuaries at Sequoia Hills are sheltered far from Sentul industrials.

Honoring One's Quality of Life

Shared with community, outdoors facilities are thoughtfully built to increase joy and harmonious bonding. You may take a five-minute walk to the therapeutic outdoor yoga, or perhaps relax by diving through our blue pristine swimming pool.

Country Club

Built with prestigious nuance, the lavished establishment is built to navigate your leisurely experience.

Culture Center

A form of exclusive facilities being perfected from time to time.


Showcasing a stunning and dramatic waterfront scenery.

Wellness Center

Serving its therapeutic function for the well-being of one’s body and mind.

Food Market

A melting pot of culinary picks ranging from the street flavor to artisan styled food.

The Cluster's Sustainable Development

A 10-Minute Walk from Nearest Park

Our masterplan design brings residents closer to a lush open-space park where they can unwind and relax.

Hybrid Solar Energy & Home Energy Monitoring App

Sequoia Hills is powered by clean solar energy using hybrid system that ensures electricity goes to the infrastructures and houses without disruption, monitored through home energy management app.