FOUNDATION Mini Piles (Based on Site Condition)
MAIN STRUCTURE Reinforced Concrete
WALL Exterior Finishes Light Brick Wall in Weathershield Protection
(Combination) Textured Paint Finishes
Breeze Block Brick in Painted Finishes
Matt White Mosaic Tiles
Stick on Wall Limestone Rock
Interior Light Brick Wall in Plastered Finishes
General Finishes Light Colour Paint Finishes
Bathroom Finishes Homogenous Tile
CEILING Exterior GRC Board in Light Colour Finishes
Interior Gypsum Board in Light Colour Finishes
ROOF Bitumen Roof on Lightweight Steel Roof Structure
DOOR Main Entrance Door Solid Engineered Wood
Carport Door White Painted Metal Folding Door
Garage Door White Painted Folding Door
Interior Door Engineered Wood in Veneer or Laminate Finishes
WINDOW General Glass with Alumunium Frame in Powder Coated Finishes
FLOOR FINISHES Carport and Garage Natural Stone or Equivalent
Balcony and Stair Homogenous Tile
Terrace Engineered Wooden Deck or Equivalent
Interior General and Bathroom Homogenous Tile
Bedroom Engineered Wood in Laminate Finishes
KITCHEN Plywood Cabinate in Laminate Finishes
Top Table in Homogenous Tile Finishes
SANITARY WARES Sanitary KOHLER or equivalent
Fitting TOTO or equivalent
BWT Water Treatment, Made in Germany
Type 10 : 4.400 VA
Type 12 : 5.500 VA
SMART LIVING Home-Gate Communication
CCTV Security
Smart Door Key System
Solar Panel